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Mini Tip by Red Burke, Fort Bragg, CA.

Tiny Tips From MAFCA Members
Submitted by Dan Rita, Mt. Orab, Ohio Illustrated by Dick Lewis, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Safe and Easy Way to Remove A Stuck Head If you are trying to remove your Model A head and it is stuck —simply remove all head nuts, if you haven't already. Take out all spark plugs and using your hand crank tam the engine over until pistons #2 and #3 are at top dead center. A flashlight will aid in looking in the #2 and #3 spark plug holes. Take two pieces of 3/8" nylon or cotton rope, several feet long and feed one end of each rope into the #1 and #4 cylinders through the spark plug holes. Then simply use the hand crank to com-press the rope and with a little force on the crank, the head will lift right up. Try to use about the same length of rope in each cylinder so as to lift the head evenly. ..

Installing HeliCoil Threads, The Restorer • November/Decemter 2003 

Tiny Tips from MAFCA Members.

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